Leezy Amado


Leezy Amado’s unique approach to nail art has earned her a cult following IRL as well as, of course, on Instagram.

Leezy grew up in Cape Verde, an archipelago of volcanic islands off the coast of Senegal. The backdrop of desert and subtropical nature was an inspiration as she began, from a young age, to develop her trademark talents—an obsessive attention to detail and a dazzling graphic sensibility—that make her distinctive nail-art designs POP! While Leezy has worked in ceramics, photography, woodworking and lighting, her primary educational background is in pattern making, which she studied at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and practiced for ten years. When she began experimenting with a new form of wearable art—painting freestyle on nails with acrylic paint for canvas—she took it as a sign to go back to school for nails.

Leezy would eventually meet fellow SEAGULL nail tech Gina Oh of OhriGinNails in Miami at fashion events, and the two worked together for a time at Vanity Projects. We are thrilled to have Leezy on the SEAGULL team — her creative, anything-goes attitude and pitch-perfect color sense are a constant source of amazement and inspiration at the salon.

$60 and up Gel Manicure one color polish
$70 and up Gel Manicure with art
$110 and up Gel Manicure with intricate art
$130 Gel Extensions one color polish
$150 and up Gel Extensions with art
$170 and up Gel Extensions with intricate art
$110 Gel Extension Refill one color polish
$130 and up Gel Extension Refill with art
$150 an up Gel Extension Refill with intricate art

*Prices subject to change depending on intricacy level of desired art

*Full Nail Art with gems, stones, crystals etc. on consultation

*$3-15 per nail for intricate detail and gems, stones and crystal add-ons

* Please note online prices are estimates and final price may vary. Nail art prices vary depending on complexity and products used. It is priced per finger. Complex art may need additional time added so please contact the salon directly to ensure you are booked enough time.